Home Security Trends & Insights

  • Choosing the Right Home Security Company

    Figuring out which home security company to trust with the protection of your property can seem like a daunting task, especially in an industry that often hassles customers with high pressure sale tactics. When deciding between the plethora of home security companies that offer seemingly similar products at prices and payment plans that vary widely, it’s important to identify what factors are most important in your decision-making and how much... Read More

  • Top Security Companies

    Finding a home security company that fits your needs and budget—and that can be trusted—is a difficult task. Customer testimonials are an effective way of gauging your options, and BetterThanReviews.com makes it easy to compare reviews of both regional and national home security companies. We’ve compiled a list of the four top-rated home security businesses on BetterThanReviews.com that have a national reach—as well as some notable mentions that only serve... Read More